How It Works

We are a walk-in studio that specializes in making custom creations come to life! Whether you’re recreating a gorgeous piece, image, or theme you saw somewhere – making one-of-a-kind gifts – or simply enjoying an afternoon doing something new and fun, we have you covered! 

Our studio fees are $7 for both adults & kids. Check in on Facebook at the studio fee is $5. This covers unlimited paint, every supply you’d ever need for your project, and the glazing and firing of the piece. Each wildly varied pottery selection in our store is priced individually – hunt your piece down, take it to your table, and your studio tech will handle it from there! 

Your pottery is glazed with a clear coat, sealing it and making it safe for food and water, then fired in-house in our kilns to Cone 06. It takes approximately 7 days to get your finished work of art back after you visit us – pottery painted with special techniques that require a second firing takes a bit longer. 

Painters of every age are welcome to create with us – and check out our awesome Kid’s Night Out, Adult workshops, seasonal workshops, and more! Come paint with us today!